Police Clearance

What is police clearance?

A police clearance – sometimes known as a criminal history check or national police check – is a certificate of an individual’s criminal record. This check will include a review and search of national central indexes of your police history. When a police check has been completed, you’ll be issued a certificate which will either indicate there are no records held against you or it will provide a summary including any court appearances, convictions, penalties, sentences, charges, matters awaiting court, court orders or good behaviour bonds. You can apply for a police clearance as an individual, or organisations can conduct them as part of their employment recruitment processes.

Our approach

Whatever your reason for requiring a police clearance, CLS can help make the process simple and stress-free. Our team handle police clearances for a wide range of destinations and our experience means you can count on us to get the right certification for your purposes. By using CLS our clients get:

  • Fast processing times
  • Accurate information on all destinations
  • Stress free processes
  • Discretion and privacy with all documentation
  • Professionalism
  • Secure handling from start to finish

Common reasons to get a police clearance

If you’ve never had to apply for a police clearance before, it can be unsettling the first time, as you may not know what to expect. CLS can help guide you through the process and make sure you feel comfortable about the information you receive. There are several reasons you may be required to undertake a police clearance:

  • Immigration or travel purposes – if you’ve lived in a foreign country for over two years, you may require a police clearance from that country to relocate or travel there
  • Work-related reasons – job applications, work visas, employee security checks or professional registrations.
  • Acquiring licences related to occupations or firearms

The CLS difference

For 25 years, CLS has been providing quality, secure and efficient professional services. Our team will work closely with you, streamlining processes and communications, whatever your police clearance needs. We work closely with embassies located all over New Zealand, and unlike others, CLS is ideally headquartered in Canberra, Australia - with access to over 80 foreign embassies and high commissions which service New Zealand. No matter the destination, CLS has got you covered.
We provide our clients with:

  • Industry-leading services
  • The fastest turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple processes
  • Expert knowledge of police clearances
  • Unparalleled access to diplomatic missions

We’re committed to consistently delivering exceptional service and results.