Environmental Policy


CLS will do all that is reasonable and practical to ensure that there is continuous improvement in areas of environmental responsibility.
These commitments will be met by adhering to the following principles:
  • Environmental performance will meet or exceed regulatory requirements, and other environmental requirements to which CLS subscribes.
  • Significant environmental impacts and risks associated with our operations will be identified and managed in accordance with environmental objectives and targets.
  • We will consider environmental costs, risks, and impacts when making planning, contracting, purchasing, and operating decisions
  • Resources such as energy, water, raw materials, and consumables will be used as efficiently as practical and the amount of waste generated will be minimised to the extent practical.
  • Greenhouse gas/carbon emissions associated with our operations will be reduced to the greatest extent practical.
  • We will consult with clients on their environmental management policies and requirements and seek to identify ways to minimise their energy usage and carbon emissions.
  • Managers and supervisors are accountable for implementing and maintaining environmental management systems and conditions to ensure operations are sustainable and comply with environmental objectives and targets.
  • Employees and other individuals working on behalf of CLS will act in an environmentally responsible manner and will be made aware of their environmental responsibilities.
The primary focus of all activities within CLS will be the provision of excellence in performance, service and care whilst equally ensuring the development and maintenance of environmentally sustainable practices and processes.